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How to Fix a Broken LED Driver?

Date:2021.08.14   Views:4484

Led Driver

Led Driver

An LED driver is a converter. Its function is to convert our common mains or other power sources into a voltage and current suitable for LEDs. Through its conversion led can work properly light. As if we want to unscrew a nut, we must use the same type of spanner.

Types of LED drivers

The market commonly used led light driver according to the drive mode is divided into two, one is a constant current driver, constant current driver is characterized by a constant output current, the output voltage in a range of changes. So we often see in the market to drive the shell marked (output: DC**V--**V ***mA +-5% ) This means that the output voltage in a range, the current is how much mA.

The other type is a constant voltage driver. The characteristic of a constant voltage driver is that the output voltage is fixed and the current varies with the number of lamps connected within the maximum value. The output is usually marked on the housing (output:DC**V **A) which means how many volts are fixed and what is the maximum output current.

LED Driver

LED Driver

How to Fix a Broken LED Driver?

Make visual naked eye judgement on the faulty board, see if there are tin beads on the surface, tin dross or other conductors caused by short circuit, also see if there are poorly soldered devices, then see if there are burned or damaged devices.

1. Measure the input power of the constant current module: 100VDC, 12VDC is normal; if the input voltage is too low or no voltage, it means that the AC/DC power supply has been protected or damaged.

2. If the AC/DC power supply voltage is normal, measure the voltage at both ends of the LED strip, if the voltage at both ends of the LED light is as high as 190VDC or so, it means that the driver module is good, please confirm whether the LED strip is connected loosely or whether the connection cable is off, if the connection is confirmed to be good, it means that the LED strip has been damaged.

3. If the AC/DC power supply voltage is normal and the LED strip is well connected, but the strip does not light up, you need to confirm the following points.

1) Whether the voltage of pin4 of the constant current IC is 12VDC+/-1V, if not, it means that the AC/DC power supply has been damaged.

(2) Constant current IC pin2 voltage should be 6.6VDC +/-0.5V, and then look at pin12 voltage should be 0.5V, if these voltages are normal, that the constant current IC is good, vice versa, that the constant current IC has been destroyed;.

(3) Check the switch tube, if the switch tube is not damaged, check the switch tube under 0.068 ohms and 0.047 ohms of resistance to see whether to see the road or destroyed.


If the fault still exists through the above steps, it is necessary to check the EN signal part, use a wire to short the constant current IC pin5 and pin3 after the power test, if the LED strip can be lit normally, it is the EN signal problem, check the AC/DC power supply part to provide the EN signal is normal.

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